Crime Scene Tape

Biohazard Cleanup

Forced to deal with a difficult bio-hazard situation? When an accident or tragedy strikes, very few people are prepared for the emotional and physical toll these situations can have.

The aftermath of an incident can be traumatizing; family, friends, and coworkers involved usually are not trained, prepared or equipped for cleaning up.

 Spectrum Restoration can help you with your situation. Our professional team of certified bio-hazard technicians can help you alleviate your stress in times like these.

Blood & Bodily Fluids
Sewage & Feces
Decomposing Protein

Blood & Bodily Fluids

Our specially trained team takes care of all homicide, blood, hazardous waste, trauma, crime scene, suicide, or unattended death incidents you may be dealing with. We're prepared to clean up blood, bodily fluids, tissue, and OPIMs (Other Potentially Infectious Materials). Medications, pharmaceuticals, needles, and other sharps are collected safely. All regulated medical waste is disposed of safely and legally. The exposure to biohazard diseases and toxins is significant, but our certified procedures neutralize the threat of HIV, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and other bloodborne pathogens. In rooms that have been affected by the accident, our trained team knows whether to clean or to remove contaminated materials, such as floors, walls, and furnishings.


Sewage & Feces

The affected area in a sewage-related problem is highly contaminated and is not safe for normal occupancy. Sewer backups can contain extremely high levels of harmful pathogens. E.coli, Salmonella, Giardia, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and West Nile Virus are all common dangers associated with sewage spills. These hazards require immediate action by a team of emergency sewage cleanup professionals in order to keep your family safe and healthy. Our 24/7 team is locked and loaded, ready to help as soon as you call.


Crime Scenes

In the event of burglary, vandalism, or forced entry by First Responders, we are prepared to perform glass cleanup and board-up to secure your home or facility. Our skilled team also removes fingerprint powder and evidence-gathering chemicals, as well as residues from teargas, pepper spray, graffiti, and sabotage pranks.

This profession requires working with people on the worst day of their lives. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration takes great care to express our understanding, and we are happy to offer our services as a way to help. We know every incident affects real people, and our task is more than physical cleanup. We help individuals through their grieving process by providing the much needed biohazard remediation service. Spectrum takes this responsibility seriously, and we're ready to help in your time of need.


Decomposition Protein 

Decomposed protein molecules from spoiled foods, decomposing animals, rotting flesh, unattended deaths. We use deep cleaning techniques, professional deodorizers, and large ozone generating machines to fully remove the unwanted odors, returning your space to its original, untainted condition.


We understand that these can be very challenging situations to deal with. Our goal is to professionally perform these cleanups while displaying understanding and compassion toward the affected individuals.

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