Technicians wanted!

We are looking for honest people to join our team! Currently we have technician positions available. We want to train you to efficiently manage a daily van route. We would love for our experienced to techs to take on management and company development responsibilities in the future. 

Justin's 2 cents:

I have been doing restoration work for about 5 years now. My desire from a youth was to be involved in small business opportunities. I enjoy many aspects of my employment at Spectrum. It is a good paying, well balanced job with lots of variety. I like that I get some interaction with people, yet, sometimes I also work alone. I have worked in: ceramic tile, carpentry, block and concrete masonry, cattle ranching, fast food, etc.. I appreciate that this type of work is much less physical than some of my previous jobs and I get to spend a majority of my time out of the weather elements. I'm really excited about the career growth opportunities in this line of work for both myself and others. I like the added flexibility that comes with working for a small business. I'm excited about the long term career growth potential that comes with working for a small business. 

Our Vision

We are excited about the many opportunities our small business provides for you to develop a thriving career. Within the scope of our cleaning, restoration and repair work, there are so many valuable skills that you can develop that will enable you to make a good income. Our goal is to identify your gifts and interests and fit you into a role that allows you to function in your God given abilities. 


Let's explore the opportunity together! 

1. Go to this link: Technician Job Description - Interview process overview: In person interview...ride along to check out the work...personality and background check...start working...

2. Complete the personality assessment to help us identify your strengths.

3. Then send the results to

4. After we receive the results, we will contact you and proceed through the interview process.