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Carpet Cleaning

We are looking forward to helping you clean your carpets and renew the appearance of your spaces.

Whether you need your carpet cleaned for an apartment move-out or you want to give them a good professional cleaning, our cleaning processes remove deep dirt, debris and allergens that accumulate in your carpet from everyday living. We have technicians on staff that are industry certified, highly experienced and ready to serve you. 

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Our Processes

Hot Water Extraction

     Through regular use, your carpet can begin to appear dark and flat. This is because the dirt in the carpet has chemically bonded with the carpet fibers.


     A Spectrum technician first focuses on loosening the dirt from the carpet fibers with a gentle cleaning solution. Our hot water extraction will remove harmful soils and contaminates from your carpet. This results in a cleaner and safer carpet for children and pets. 

     For certain settings, such as public traffic areas or office spaces, a low-moisture encapsulation cleaning is best.


     This is also a great option for moisture-sensitive spaces, including historical buildings and art museums. 

Low-Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning
Green Cleaning

     Occasionally, we have customers who are highly sensitive and require an ultra-mild method of carpet cleaning.


     While green cleaning may not always be as effective and may not work as quickly as our regular clean, we still offer this option as an extra safe option for important circumstances. 

Additional Services

Carpet Repair

Sometimes, during our standard cleaning process, we discover stubborn stains and pre-existing conditions that cannot be resolved using our standard cleaning process. A detailed page with a list of repairs can be found here

Please be aware that sometimes there are permanent stains and damages to your carpet that CANNOT be resolved. Spectrum Restoration Services is not liable for permanent damages and unremovable stains.

What to Expect

  • Be sure to vacuum your carpets beforehand. Removing the surface dirt will enable us to get right to the internal dirt of the carpet. 

  • A friendly technician will arrive and need a place to park close to the house. 

  • On average, a living room, dining room and 2 bedrooms will take about 2 hours to clean.

  • After our cleaning, the drying time varies from 2-12 hours, depending on your goals for each situation.

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