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COVID 19 Disinfection Services

Dry Vapor Treatments

Dry vapor treatments are excellent for places with paperwork and electronics. Click the icon to read more. 


ULV Fogging

ULV Fogging is excellent for sanitizing your spaces. Click the icon above to learn more.

Floor Disinfection

Sanitize your floor with our disinfectant to remove harmful bacteria. Click the icon to read more.

Disinfect your home or business to enhance the safety of your family and customers. 

Our Methods

COVID 19 Cleaning Options for Small Businesses

A regional construction company in our community was in the process of building a retirement living facility when the coronavirus pandemic hit. After implementing safety procedures, they continued to work through the lockdown, following the local, state and federal regulations.


When several construction workers on their jobsite tested positive for COVID 19, they began calling local cleaning and restoration contractors to provide professional disinfection services on their premises. Several of the jobsite offices and administrators were exposed to coronavirus infected patients. They wanted to reduce the viral risk to their workers but were shocked by how much some types of disinfection services cost.


After receiving a wide range of quotes, they decided to use dry vapor disinfection which gives a very thorough disinfection of any space, can be used around lots of paperwork and electronics, and leaves no residue. 


As the nation moves toward re-opening, business owners and facility managers are seeking ways to keep their indoor environments as safe as possible. Wiping the door handles, sanitizing countertops, and covering their credit card machines is a good start.


Professional disinfection services can help small businesses build confidence with their customers and enhance the safety of their communities during these turbulent times. 

Coronavirus is spread to others through respiratory droplets from people within a 6-foot radius. From Harvard, we know that the virus can stay in the air for about three hours. 

The National Institute of Health research shows that coronavirus survives up to 3 days on hard surfaces like plastic and metal. When it comes to disinfecting hard surfaces, the CDC suggests that people use “EPA-registered household disinfectants.”


Many businesses are doing all that they can to proactively sanitize and are also seeking outside companies to provide enhanced disinfection services. We will discuss some disinfection services that can improve the safety of your indoor environment. 


Professional Disinfection Methods

What options are there for companies to be able to keep their customers safe as they start to reopen their businesses? 

Disinfecting Dry Vapor Treatments

You can increase the safety of your large spaces with disinfecting vapor treatments. These treatments kill airborne virus particles as well as virus particles that have settled on exposed surfaces.


This method is great for office areas that have lots of electronics, paperwork, glass surfaces, medical equipment, etc..


Ozone machines are used to permeate a space with ozone gas. Studies show that properly performed ozone treatments kill coronavirus particles very effectively while leaving no chemical residues.


Ozone is a highly researched disinfection method and has been used for disinfecting for decades. It is also an effective way to treat hard-to-reach spaces and can be used to treat hidden areas that are typically vulnerable, such as HVAC Systems. 


However, there are potential health risks when working with Ozone, so it is important that those administering the ozone treatments be properly trained or certified.


ULV Fogging

Small businesses can rely on ULV fogging to disinfect large surface areas where hand disinfecting is not economical.


ULV wet fogging atomizes disinfectants into a fine mist that quickly and evenly coats large areas. Fogging is ideal for large spaces where treating the entire area is desired, but manually wiping is impractical.


Fogging is also an effective way to treat hard-to reach spaces. Using products such as Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant II (a hospital-grade, Health safe, plant-based, EPA registered virucide.[5]) is recommended when treating occupies spaces. 

Disinfection Cleaning of Carpet and Hard Flooring surfaces

Cleaning floors with EPA approved disinfectants enhances cleanliness and reduce viral risk in commercial and residential spaces.


Mopping hard surfaces is routine in most facilities, but having carpeted areas professionally cleaned or disinfected will enhance the safety of your indoor environment. 


Choosing between ULV Fogging and the Ozone Treatment

            When it comes to choosing between wet fogging or dry vapor treatments, it can be hard to decide which disinfection service to use.


Fogging creates a mist of an aqueous substance. This mist is able to efficiently sanitize large areas and leaves a residue on the treated surfaces (which may be able to disinfect for several days but may damage the contents of a given space).


Many disinfectants have health and safety warning labels and should not be breathed in after ULV fogging. However, there are herbal disinfectants (Benefect or Concrobium) that are more health-safe for use in occupied spaces. 

On the other hand, Dry Vapor Disinfection treatments permeate a given space much more thoroughly and leave no residue.


Dry vapor ozone disinfection treatment is a fairly scientific process and should not be performed without appropriate training (due to the potential health hazards of working with ozone). People should not be present in spaces during ozone treatments, which are usually a few hours in length.  


Features of Dry Vapor


Disinfects without damaging electronics, books, paperwork, etc.

Leaves no residue behind on surfaces and a clean fresh fragrance in the air. 

Spaces must be vacant during treatments.

Highly researched and verified by the US Army Public Health Center and FDA.

Features of UVL Wet Fogging Treatment

May damage paperwork or electronics left out

Leaves residue behind (but may have a few days of disinfection potential) which could require hand wiping of glass surfaces. 

Is probably more safe to use in areas where people are present during a treatment (ONLY when health-safe disinfectants are used).

Who Can Benefit? 

There are many types of businesses that can benefit from these disinfection options. Below is a list of some of the businesses that could benefit from such cleaning: 


·       Hospitals

·       Nursing homes

·       Nurseries

·       Medical offices

·       Schools

·       Military installations

·       Athletic facilities

·       Public areas

·       Ambulances

·       Institutional kitchens

·       Cafeterias

·       Restaurants

·       Public restrooms

·       Hotels and motels

·       Garbage and refuse centers




Pricing for the services that we just mentioned varies widely between service providers. We have seen a 70% price difference in two quotes to sanitize an office space in our community. 


Typically, small locally owned businesses will be able to give you the best rates on these types of disinfection services.


National franchises tend to charge insurance rates and they also have large corporate structures to support, while local businesses sometimes have more financial flexibility and may be able to offer you substantial discounts due to lower overhead costs, etc. 

·       Shower and bath areas

·       Zoos

·       Prisons

·       HVAC and equipment

·       Dental offices

·       Emergency areas

·       Healthcare facilities

·       Hospitals

·       Intensive care

·       Residential

·       Restaurants

·       Dental operatories

·       Police and EMS

·       Residential dwellings

Spectrum’s Prices 

ULV fogging of Concrobium® Broad Spectrum Disinfectant II (Depending on Volume) 


Disinfection of Airspaces (Virucidal Ozone or Disinfecting Vapor treatment) 


Disinfection Cleaning of Flooring


Quarantine set up

0.1-0.7 per square foot


$150 minimum or 0.01-0.06 per square foot


0.10-0.30 per square foot


Custom price per job

These options can help a small business to enhance the safety of their community, build trust with their customers, and strengthen a good reputation. Stay safe out there!  

               Best Wishes, The Spectrum Team